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     In the early spring of 2010, Young Gun Bait Co. opened its doors, with a mission to provide the highest quality product we can buy. Because of this, Young Gun Bait Co. was created in hopes to change the fishing industry from how it is today, to how it will be tomorrow and get youth involved with this great sport. Though we started off small with our first order which consisted of parts to make 10 spinner-baits, 10 Buzz-baits, and 10 Bass jigs, we continued to expand over time and strive for greatness. Now, almost a year later, we have grown from 10 of each type of lure, to 27 different models of proven and innovative patterns that have already produced staggering numbers. Also, if there is a product we do not have, place a custom order, and we will match your description to the best of our ability, and, like our stock products, will live up to our standard for quality. We offer trailer hooks in 1/O, 2/O, and 3/O and several soft plastic trailer kits as well. These lures are hand-crafted and are made specifically to catch fish, and our philosophy of catching more fish than it catches the fisherman shines in all of our products. Be sure to check out our site. All orders and or questions are greatly appreciated, and we can not wait to help you bring the lunkers into your boat.


Why choose Young Gun?

As said above, we specialize in making high-end products. We use the highest quality components. As teens,  we are of the mindset that we would rather buy products that perform well and are durable than buy products that wear out and don't perform. Also because of our age, a sense of creativity that cannot be matched by large companies was formed. These helped us produce innovative and durable products that perform like no other. 



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ATTENTION! At this time, we are asking for any photos, testimonials, and especially, videos of our product, and/or fish. We are specifically looking for any tournament fish. Any help in this regard is appreciated. ATTENTION!


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You may contact us with questions, orders, or photos of fish caught with our lures, we would love to hear from you! 

Young Gun Bait Co.

Loveland, CO